Chiltern Chamber Choir was founded in 1976 by its director Adrian Davis and draws its singers from Berkhamsted and the surrounding towns and villages. We share a passion for singing and perform at least three main concerts each year in St Peter’s Church, mostly with orchestra or organ accompaniment. We also undertake tours abroad sometimes in collaboration with other choirs.

The Choir’s extensive repertoire ranges from music of the 12th century to contemporary works.

Forthcoming concerts

Saturday 23rd November  2019

Basilique Saint-Martin d'Ainay, Lyon
with La Chambre Symphonique

Mozart and Zelenka

Monday 23rd December  2019

St Peter's Church, Berkhamsted
with the Bridgewater Sinfonietta

Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610

Jan Dismas Zelenka  (1679-1745) was a Czech composer and musician of the Baroque period. A contemporary of Bach and Handel, his beautiful and innovative works involving advanced use of counterpoint place extreme demands on players and singers alike. Nonetheless many musicians have never heard of Zelenka. Chiltern Chamber Choir recently gave one of the first UK performances of his Missa Divi Xaverii which attracted comments such as 

  • "It was wonderful. I could sit and listen to it all over again"

  • "the unexpected twists when you think you know what is coming ... I was hooked"

  • "I’m not very fond of choral masses but have to say this is the first time I didn’t fall asleep after the first Kyrie!"

  • "It was amazing. When works are lost in time it is usually because they are really not very good. This one certainly deserves to be resurrected as it is both beautiful and interesting."

  • "I’ve never heard any music by Zelenka before and having heard this can’t understand why!”

We are looking forward to performing this work again in Lyon in November and hope our French audience will find Zelenka just as exciting.

Zelenka .... a long forgotten musical genius

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photographs by Kathy Chantler