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Chiltern Chamber Choir was founded in 1976 by Adrian Davis and draws singers from Berkhamsted and the surrounding towns and villages. We share a passion for singing and perform at least three main concerts each year in St Peter’s Church, mostly with orchestra or organ accompaniment. We also undertake tours abroad sometimes in collaboration with other choirs.

The choir is based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with rehearsals being held on Thursday evenings in the church hall at the Sacred Heart Church. It has long since outgrown its Chamber Choir name and currently has 50 to 60 auditioned members. Our extensive repertoireprincipally classical, ranges from music of the 12th century to contemporary works. We typically present three concerts a year in December, April and July, with orchestral or organ accompaniment as required. Over the past 25 years we have undertaken tours to prestigious venues in Europe.

Latest News!

After 46 years at the helm, Adrian Davis conducted his last concert as Musical Director on 23rd December when we performed the Bach B Minor Mass and we are delighted to welcome our new Musical Director, Calum Zuckert, who reflects upon the challenge of taking up the baton from Adrian: 

I am absolutely thrilled to have taken up the post of Musical Director of the Chiltern Chamber Choir. Adrian’s tireless efforts over many years mean that the choir that I am delighted to have inherited is one with real warmth and commitment, as well as being one of Hertfordshire’s leading amateur vocal ensembles. I pay great tribute to Adrian, look forward to benefiting from his wisdom, and know how highly he is regarded by all the singers.

Looking to the future, after a few initial rehearsals, I feel confident that we will work together with fun and creativity, while continuing to pursue making music to the very highest standard. I have particularly appreciated the humour of the choir, and their forbearance in these first few weeks as I get to grips with how things go. I can’t wait to get to know the choir better, and see where we go over the coming years!
We are this term performing Brahms’ stunning German Requiem, which is a work that I have loved for many years, but never before conducted. It is full of challenges, but more full of delights and beauty. We have been working on focussing our sound production as we hone a work familiar to many of the choir. We will pair this with some of Parry’s glorious Songs of Farewell, which is a worthy partner to the Brahms, and I look forward to getting stuck into them soon.
I hope that this will be a fruitful relationship for many years, and I’m very grateful for the trust and confidence that CCC has put in me. Thank you all.

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