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To sign up for our choir's account with John Fletcher 

For our intended Magnificat concert late September

  • You can find all these works on John Fletcher ... just search for them.

  • There are you tube performances of all the works we are singing. Here are the links

    • Bach Magnificat - Gloria in Excelsis deo

    • Bach Magnificat - Von Himmel Hoch

    • Bach Magnificat BVW 243

    • Buxtehude Magnificat -  Anima Mea Dominum

    • Josquin Desprez - Ave Maria

    • Hassler - Dixit Maria ad Angelum

    • Sweenlinck - Hodie Christus Natus Est

    • Victoria - Ave Maria 

  • Sorry ... can't do much about the adverts on some recordings but you can usually skip within a few seconds

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