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Choir guidelines

Chiltern Chamber Choir Membership and Concert Guidelines



Membership of the choir is subject to the approval of the Choral Director. New members may be asked to do a Voice Review before being offered a permanent place in the choir. Existing members may be asked periodically to have a Voice Review. 



Rehearsals are held in the Church Hall at the Sacred heart Church, Park Street, Berkhamsted HP4 1HX on Thursday evenings.

Rehearsals start at 7.45pm and finish at 9.45pm. 

The schedule of rehearsals and concerts will be available in the Choir Diary which will be sent out by the Choir Manager and is available on the Choir website. 



Attendance at rehearsal is vital to the choir’s success. You should try to attend a minimum of 75% of rehearsals. Please let the choir manager know if you are unable to attend rehearsals or will not be singing in a concert. If you do not attend the majority of rehearsals the Choral Director will decide if you can sing in the forthcoming concert.



Subscriptions are paid annually in September.  For 2022-23 the subscription will be £180. Payment should be made to the Choir treasurer, Kate Goodwin. Kate will accept a cheque made out to Chiltern Chamber Choir or you can make payment by Internet banking. Lloyds Bank, Chiltern Chamber Choir, sort code: 309073 Account Number 00165081



If there is anything you need to know or if you have any problems please contact the Choir Manager, Marie Brewer  Information about rehearsals or other choir matters is sent out by email as required, usually weekly, and is also available on the Members’ Area of the choir website. 

All members need to sign a form giving contact information. This is so that we comply with Data Protection legislation. The CCC Data Protection Policy and Procedures can be seen on request and are available on the Member’s area of the website. 



Concerts are usually held in St Peters Church Berkhamsted, but the venue may occasionally vary.

Volunteers will be requested to assist in getting the stage prepared, usually on the morning of the concert.

Your help will be much appreciated. After the concert all choir members are asked to help with clearing the venue as required. 


A final rehearsal is usually held in the venue on the afternoon of the concert, and all singers should attend. The time will be notified by the Choir Manager


Instructions regarding concert dress will be given at a rehearsal prior to the concert. 

Dress is usually full length black dress with long sleeves or trousers or skirts with a long sleeved top for Ladies. Black shoes and tights/socks. Gentlemen normally wear a Black DJ suit with a black shirt. Black shoes and socks. 


For concerts all choir members need to have a CCC black folder. These are available from our librarian, Chris Sanders.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the concert to line up and be ready to go on stage. The Concert Manager will be responsible for the arrangements for the concert. Please cooperate with the Concert Manager with regards to seating and other arrangements. 

 Once on stage the whole choir remains standing until given a pre-arranged signal to sit.

The choir will remain seated until given the signal to stand by the conductor.

The choir should sit and stand as one, and as quietly as possible.


At the end of the concert there may be some applause. Advice to choirs from the National

Federation of Music Societies (now called Making Music) is that choirs should only applaud the soloists and orchestra when they are sitting. Choirs should not applaud when they are standing and in full view of the audience. Standing choirs should only receive applause, not give it.


Finally and very importantly you will enjoy the concert more if the venue is full. All members of the choir are expected to sell tickets. Please sell as many as possible. 


After Concert Party

There is usually a party in The Court House after each concert. Accompanying players and soloists are invited. All members of the choir are welcome to attend. Members will normally be asked to contribute food for this party. 


January 2023

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