Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 16th January 2020


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Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 12th September 2019


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Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 6th June 2019


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Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 18th October 2018


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Minutes of AGM held on 26th September 2019


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Minutes of AGM held on 20th September 2018


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Chiltern Chamber Choir Constitution


The name of the choir is Chiltern Chamber Choir (CCC).



The objective of CCC is to promote, improve and develop the the appreciation and knowledge of music, for its membership and general public, by the performance of concerts to a high standard, and by arranging other music based events as seen fit by the CCC Committee.



  • CCC Membership is open to all who subscribe to the CCC Objective.

  • All CCC members shall pay the annual subscription as prescribed by the CCC Committee.

  • CCC Membership is managed by the CCC Committee.

  • CCC performing members are those CCC members who sing in concerts and have provided appropriate evidence of musical ability to the CCC Musical Director or CCC Committee.



The CCC and all of its activities are managed by the CCC Committee, these activities include:

  1. CCC event planning, organisation and management, principally concerts and associated rehearsals;

  2. CCC Membership management

  3. CCC financial management, including the setting of CCC Membership subscriptions, fees and ticket prices;

  4. ensuring CCC compliance with relevant legislation;

  5. co-opting additional Committee members for specific ad-hoc purposes.


The CCC Committee consists of :

  1. CCC Manager;

  2. CCC Music Director;

  3. CCC Secretary;

  4. CCC Treasurer;

  5. CCC Publicity manager.


  • The CCC Committee members shall be drawn from the CCC Membership and are appointed on a voluntary basis with reimbursement of expenses. They are elected at the CCC Annual General Meeting; they shall hold office until the subsequent CCC Annual General Meeting.

  • The CCC Committee shall hold at least two meetings per year. Other meetings may be called by the CCC Manager or by any two members of the CCC Committee. The CCC Manager shall act as chairman of the meetings, in the case of the absence of the CCC Manager the members present shall elect a meeting chairman. The quorum for a committee meeting shall be three. The CCC Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings, and ensure that they are available to the CCC membership for inspection.

  • The CCC Music Director is appointed on a self-employed basis by the CCC Committee. The terms of the appointment shall be mutually agreed by the CCC Music Director and the CCC Committee.

  • The CCC Music Director shall remain in place until a resignation is tendered by the director or requested by the committee. In either case a notice period of three months shall apply.


Annual General Meeting

  • The purpose of the CCC Annual General Meeting (AGM) is for the CCC Manager to report on the state of the choir to the CCC Membership, and for the CCC Membership to elect the CCC Committee.

  • The AGM is open to the CCC Membership. The CCC Manager is responsible for convening and chairing the AGM.

  • Notice of an AGM and associated agenda and election papers shall be given at least two weeks before the AGM. The quorum for a Meeting is one half of the CCC Membership.

  • Elections are held on the basis of one vote per member. The AGM shall be minuted by the CCC Secretary who will ensure that they are available to the CCC membership for inspection.

  • Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) may be called by the CCC Committee at any time, or as a result of a request made to the CCC Manager by at least 20 of the CCC Membership, stating their purpose for calling such an EGM. CCC EGMs shall follow the same rules as an AGM.

Constitution Changes

Changes to the CCC Constitution may only be made as the result of a motion at an AGM or EGM and need to be approved by two thirds of the CCC Membership.


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CCC Committee Job Descriptions


Choral Director  Adrian Davis 

Responsible for overall musical direction including:

  • Choosing music for concerts in consultation with the Committee

  • Running rehearsals 

  • Liaising with Choir Manager and other officers as required

  • Liaising with rehearsal accompanist

  • Choosing and engaging accompanying musicians and soloists

  • Approving new members 


Choir Manager  Marie Brewer

Responsible for day to day and long term management of the choir including:

  • Liaising with CD with regards to rehearsals, concerts, membership 

  • Liaising with and coordinating with all other office holders

  • Maintaining data base of choir members

  • Keeping choir members informed and dealing with any member’s issues

  • Liaising with potential new members

  • Organising Vocal Reviews for new and existing members 

  • Liaising with other local music groups


Treasurer  Kate Goodwin

Responsible for day to day and long term management of the choir’s finances including:

  • Keeping the CD and CM informed of financial situation or any financial issues

  • Collecting subscriptions from members

  • Paying invoices and any hired musicians

  • Producing annual accounts 

  • Providing information to help with review of choir subscriptions

  • Providing input to budgeting for concerts and tours

  • Producing financial reports on each concert or concert tour


Librarian  Chris Sanders

To ensure the timely availability of music for concerts and tours including:

  • Liaising with CD regarding music needs for future concerts and tours

  • Liaising with choir members to determine music needs

  • Obtaining and distributing music and collecting payments as required

  • Managing choir library

  • Managing choir folders


Publicity Officer  Jane Wilde

Responsible for all external communications including:

  • Managing the production of pre concert publicity information including posters, emails and other social media

  • Developing a data base of members of the public who are interested in the choir

  • Liaising with the website manager

  • Keeping a record of Honorary Members and communicating with them as required 


Other Job Holders


Choir Accompanist Jonathan Lee


Concert Manager  Jeremy Biddle

  • Responsible for setting up of the venue and ensuring the smooth running of concerts. 

  • In St Peter’s Church liaising with The Cowper Society


Website Manager  David Brown

Choir Secretary. Kate Perera

  • Booking the church for concerts and rehearsals 

  • Booking the Court House for the annual party and after concert parties

  • Applying for an necessary permissions such as liquor licence

  • Taking minutes of Committee meetings and AGM

  • Keeping all necessary insurance up to date

Register Secretary  Jan Montague


Photographer Kathy Chantler


Programme Production Manager John Wignall


Party Organisers Jan Montague and Joan Veysey

Responsible for the annual choir party


After Concert Party Organiser  Patricia Bandle

© 2018 Chiltern Chamber Choir

photographs by Kathy Chantler