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rehearsal files

Rehearsal Files ... comparison

  • popular sources are to be found at Cyberbass, Learn Choral Music, Choraline & John Fletcher Music

  • they contain downloadable files of most choral works by voice part and accompaniment

    • you can stream online (except Learn Choral Music) or download to your computer and place in a folder for easy access or in iTunes

    • downloaded midi files usually need software to play on pc. Plenty of free ones on the web

    • or convert midi files to mp3 and also allow transfer to phone or tablets 

  • Cyberbass (

    • streams midi files on line for free .. good on line player allows speed control​

    • however mp3 downloads and learning CDs cost - typically $10 per work

  • Learn Choral Music​ (

    • downloadable midi files for free; but no streaming​

    • likely need a midi player on your PC

    • or convert to mp3 and use on your phone or iPad  

  • Choraline (

    • stream online and also download​ as mp3

    • but not free .. and around £13 for CD via Amazon

  • John Fletcher Music (

    • stream online or download mp3

    • after download then copy or move the file to wherever you want on your hard drive

    • access  is for free for "out of copyright works" (but need to register)  

    • you need pay for for "in copyright" works (£10 for annual subscription or £6 for 6 months or £4 for 4 months)

For our forthcoming Rachmaninov concert on Sunday 5th April

  • John Fletcher Music has all voice parts for the Rachmaninov All night Vigil  -- see above how to access. This work is out of copyright so you can access simply by registering free of charge.

  • or you can use  Learn Choral Music also free of charge

  • YouTube has several recordings of the Vigil See for instance
    (can't do anything about the ads!)

  • if you subscribe to Amazon Prime then there is a good recording by Tenebrae

  • see below Russian pronunciation guides

Intro Church Slavonic
No. 1 Priidite Poklonimsia
No. 2 Blagoslovi dushe moya
No. 3 Blazhen muzh
No. 4 Svete tihiy
No. 6 Bogoroditse Devo
No. 7 Shestopsalmiye
No. 8 Hvalite Imia Ghospodne
No. 9 Blagosloven yesi, Ghospodi
No. 10 Voskreseniye Hristovo
No. 11 Velichit dusha moya Ghospoda
No. 14 Voskres iz groba
No. 15 Vzbrannoy voyevode