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Rehearsal Files ... comparison

  • popular sources are to be found at Cyberbass, Learn Choral Music, Choraline & John Fletcher Music

  • they contain downloadable files of most choral works by voice part and accompaniment

    • you can stream online (except Learn Choral Music) or download to your computer and place in a folder for easy access or in iTunes

    • downloaded midi files usually need software to play on pc. Plenty of free ones on the web

    • or convert midi files to mp3 and also allow transfer to phone or tablets 

  • Cyberbass (

    • streams midi files on line for free .. good on line player allows speed control​

    • however mp3 downloads and learning CDs cost - typically $10 per work

  • Learn Choral Music​ (

    • downloadable midi files for free; but no streaming​

    • likely need a midi player on your PC

    • or convert to mp3 and use on your phone or iPad  

  • Choraline (

    • stream online and also download​ as mp3

    • but not free .. and around £13 for CD via Amazon

  • John Fletcher Music (

    • John Fletcher produces learning files for almost every choral work.

    • stream online or download mp3

    • after download then copy or move the file to wherever you want on your hard drive

    • access  is for free for "out of copyright works" (but you need to register)  

    • you have pay for for "in copyright" works ( for an individual it's £10 for annual subscription or £6 for 6 months or £4 for 4 months)

    • Alternatively we have signed up for 20 choir members to use the site. See below for details

  • Audiostretch

    • if you listen on your iPad or tablet, Audiostretch enables you to play any audio files and change both the speed and pitch of playback to assist learning

    • you can easily highlight a particularly tricky section and have it repeat endlessly until you have learned the notes!

    • it's available on your App Store; there's a "lite" version to try it out which only allows you to load 20% of a file but otherwise has all the facilities. The full version is £8.95 and well worth the money. John Fletcher rates it as excellent.

To sign up for our choir's account with John Fletcher 

For our next concert Saturday 3rd June 2023 at St Peters

Rutter - This is the Day

Britten - Choral dances from Gloriana

Handel - Coronation Anthems

Parry - I Was Glad

You can also find your parts on John Fletcher if you sign up for the choir's account as outlined above.

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